Saturday 13 September 2014

37 Dawson Street - great food

I was overdue a catchup with my friend Tara, so a week or two ago we arranged that we would meet for a drink and bit to eat yesterday evening.  (Does that sentence make sense at all?!!!!!)

We met on Baggot street and decided to walk towards Grafton Street/South William Street to find somewhere nice to eat.  We came upon Dawson Street and decided to go to 37 Dawson Street as this used to be a regular place for us on a Friday night when it was previously called Ron Blacks :-)

It was disappointingly quiet but that may have been to do with the roadworks out on Dawson Street.

As you can see from the photos below we ordered a big load of food and it was all FAB!!!!  Important to note how great the staff were - attentive from the get go.  And great at taking the initiative (more down below)

Vodka and diet coke for me and big fruity cocktail non alcoholic cocktail for Tara (she is expecting no.2) - as suggested by our great waiter.

Calamari in the background (stacked)

The most fabulous melt in your mouth steak bruschetta.  Which as I ate I noted was "fabulous and so RARE, nyom" 
"Oops!" says Tara, "I can't eat rare meat" (listeria risk etc, due to pregnancy) .
The waiter was so apologetic and whipped it away to be cooked a little more, and apologised again when delivered back.
"Not at all" said Tara, "it was all my fault for not saying it at the start".

Patatas Bravas and (so flavoured) sweet potato fries.


Tara and Amy :-)

The damage. 
Very much worth it.  The food was really lovely.
More expensive than Bear the night before, but the service alone was so much better than Bear.

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