Saturday 27 September 2014

Cilla night

My mother, aunts and cousin and I have been following a three part tv series about the singer Cilla Black.  The first episode we were in my Aunt Mary's house.  We were all dressed up in 60's clothes and Mary put on a spread of kitsch 1960's food (cheese hedgehog etc!) for the screening.  Yes my family are crazy like that.  It was a great night.

Episode 2 we went to my cousin Kasey's to watch it.

Again we dressed in funny clothes :-)

I made the starter.
Orange juice!!!!
Yes, you read that right.  Orange juice.
This stems from a funny story about my mam's wedding.  
When I was in my teens I was looking at my mother's wedding photos when I spotted something.
Me: "oh look at you, you goodie goodie drinking orange juice on your wedding day"
Mam: *embarrassed face* "that was the starter"

The year was 1973.  
How funny is that!!!!

Kasey made a fab chilli using her fab South African spices.

Another great night and I am looking forward to the final episode which will be held in my Aunt Anne's house.  And yes we will probably dress up again.

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  1. This is how to make something super special . . looks like a fabulous time!