Saturday 12 September 2015

Its called the Firecracker for a reason!

Today I got up and went to the Blanch towncentre - just to do something to get myself out of the house, plus I needed to pick up a pair of tights for a wedding I am going to tomorrow.
I was feeling a bit out of sorts and I had an awful headache so after taking some paracetamol I decided to treat myself to lunch,
I went to Wagamama where I chose the Firecracker.  I may have focussed on the sweet and sour aspect too much and not enough on the chili aspect.  Boy was it hot!  Luckily I like very hot food but be warned if you are ever thinking of ever ordering the Firecracker - it was really really hot.   
Overall I had a nice lunch - freshly cooked (hot!) food and the staff were very good (friendly & attentive).

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