Saturday 19 September 2015

A lovely, lovely Saturday

 First up I met with Enid and Alice for our regular catch up.
We went to the 12th Lock in Castleknock and it was as nice as always.  Enid and I had pancakes and rashers, Alice got the scrambled eggs and salmon.  Enid and I also treated ourselves to a vodka orange juice cocktail.  Heck it was brunch, and it's 5 o'clock somewhere!
My selfie stick got a little outing for a nice pic outside the 12th Lock
Enid and I then went into town where we caught the Liffey Swim
By complete chance we met our friend Aoife who was there supporting her husband who was doing the swim. Selfie stick pic again - check out the swimmers behind us, getting disinfected and showered by Dublin fire brigade
I went and bought these babies in a vintage store near my office.
I had seen them on Friday, didn't buy them then, and had regretted it yesterday evening.  I was going to get them during my lunch break on Monday but I was really glad I got them today. 
They are vintage mid-century modern i.e. from the period 1950-1968.
SO HAPPY with them!

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