Sunday 27 September 2015

A step back in time

Yet again another great weekend spent with our friends!
This weekend we met up with our group of "ski buddy" friends.  So funny, although only half of the group ski - the rest of us snowboard we always call ourselves the "ski" group or talk about "ski" holidays.  I am going to start calling it "snow holiday" from now on I think! Justice for the snowboarders :-)
Here are some photos from the weekend.  The beach photos are from Saturday evening when we got a walk on the beach in before dinner.  The outdoor pics are from this morning.  It was a lovely weekend in Dublin which was a nice surprise!
And the pic from the top left is of us playing giant Jenga.
Our hosts live in the most amazing house and place.  Not only do they have a beach on their back door.  They also live in the coolest little community of 1960/70 style houses.  I went for a walk this morning and took some pictures of the great houses.  Can you feel the vibe?
Not only is the house cool from the outside, inside our friends have kept up the mid century modern vibe in the d├ęcor.  
How cool is it all?  We listened to some vinyl records on the record player last night which was really nice. So funny that someone had to get up and flip over the record every seven songs or so :-) 
Finally! How funky is this bathroom suite?! 

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