Sunday 6 November 2016

Sunday 6/11/16

Enid and I had arranged to meet this morning - it's nice having a reason to get up and out and town is always lovely at that time of morning.  She messaged me when she left her house and I walked towards her and we met up on Leeson Street, and from there we walked to St Stephen's Green.

We tried the new fudge hot chocolate from the Starbucks winter menu and it is awesome tasting!!!

Afterwards we pottered around the St Stephen's Green shopping centre.  We are big fans of the Dunnes with all their different ranges.

I had seen this dress in Lennon Courtney and was dying to try it on.  It's so beautiful, but I won't be buying it.  I don't have any events coming up and even if I did I have a couple of formal dresses in my wardrobe already so I really do not need it!!  But *sigh* it really is beautiful isn't it!

Seriously.  How gorgeous is this dress!!!!
It comes in black as well.  But I think this silver/grey is the nicest.

Afterwards I had to cycle to Rathmines to return something to a shop.  On the way back I figured I'd cycle a little further on to Mount Street and check out my old work building which the last time I saw it had hoarding all around it while being rejuvenated.

I'm not overwhelmed to be honest!  It's not much of a transformation.  The windows are different and there is a new entrance way.  That's pretty much it as far as I can see.  But no doubt a google or facebook will snap it up - office space in the D2 area is very scarce.

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