Friday 4 November 2016

Winter is coming

After a very mild last fortnight in October - really gorgeous weather actually - it has finally got very cold.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On one hand I abhor the cold weather (I love the sun!), but on the other hand it does mean it is near Christmas which I love.  On that basis I try and embrace it....and just try stay warm!

To try stay warm I intend drinking lots of these!  Purely medicinal you understand.
This is the new drink on the Starbucks Winter menu - Hot Fudge Chocolate.  How great does it look!  They also have a Toffee Nut latte which I think I will have to try also (again, purely medicinal/to stay warm!).

Enid and I were chatting last night and she said she had taken out her Winter/snow boots. I was saying I needed a new pair and this morning she messaged me to say she had seen these and did I want her to pick them up for me.  They look so nice, I am dying to wear them!


I am planning a serious chill out this weekend. I have to go to the library tomorrow, and am meeting my mother on Sunday, but other that that I have nothing major planned - and am looking forward to just doing nothing!

*Actually I shouldn't really call it "doing nothing". I am doing something. 
Something really important at that! 
All of the above - drinking hot chocolate, wearing warm boots, staying in and relaxing this weekend - I am doing Hygge!
(For more info on hygge click here!)

Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned dear reader!

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