Sunday 20 November 2016

The weather outside is frightul...

It has gone absolutely freezing in Dublin.  After being so mild for the last while it is quite a shock to the system!  This morning my phone told me it was -2 at about 10am.
So!  What have I been up to over the last while?!  A lot!  This weekend has been very busy - well during the day anyway.  I just chilled in the evenings which has been really really nice.
Yesterday I was in college getting an assignment done. Although it's not due until the weekend coming, I have stuff on next week so yesterday was literally my last opportunity to do it without stress.  I promised myself a glass of wine if I got it done and thankfully I did.
Enid and Ciaran, and a couple of friends were in the Gingerman pub  so I called into them (a nice 2 minute stroll from home to pub for me!) to watch Ireland play New Zealand in the rugby, and to collect on that glass of vino! We lost the match but to be honest I thought the referee was atrocious and some very bad calls were made - in particular about some of the All Blacks play.  Today I see that two NZ players have been cited but that's too late for us now...
This morning I slept in a little later than my usual.  I was glad of that.  I rang Enid and we arranged she'd call to mine for breakfast.

This is my latest obsession.  Fried avocado!!!

It's amazing I promise you!
Enid was apprehensive about it but she agreed yes it's amazing, And as I said to her - so good for you, pure brain food :-)

I eat it with rashers for breakfast.  Or with smoked salmon for lunch/dinner.
Afterwards we headed Northside as we had a few chores to do.  Enid wanted to return something to Debenhams, and I needed to pick up a few things in Debenhams and Argos. Plus I had promised Enid a hot chocolate in the new pop up hot choc café in Arnotts!

It's excellent hot chocolate - valhrona, real (melted) chocolate mixed with great Irish milk.

We sat in the Arnotts Christmas food & drink market and had a good old chat. 
After Enid had headed home I went and met my mother and her friend in Buswell's Hotel.  My mam's friend goes to South Africa for 3 months every year so Mam was catching up with her before Christmas, and before she left for SA.  Buswell's is such a funny place, it's like stepping back into the Dublin of the 1980's I always think!!

Funny story. 
When Enid and I go out together it is common for one, maybe two people to say to us at some point "are you twins??".  Well today literally every single person we interacted with said it to us - approx.6/7 different shop/café assistants.  And of course we ended up having a good old chat with every single one of them about twins and being twins.

Remember at the beginning of this post I mentioned the freezing weather?  The Winter hat is out...