Saturday, 15 April 2017

Holy Thursday 2017

Enid, Alice and I met up for a catchup on Thursday in Xico on Baggot Street.  Enid isn't mad on the food but it suited Alice and I - she wasn't in the mood for walking far as she was wearing very fancy shoes, and I just adore the food here.
I ordered the chili as I always do.  My friend Tara and I are obsessed with the rice here.  Last time we went we were asking so much questions about it that they were almost going to send the chef out ot us  #ricenerds
Tara and I go here a lot - we used to go a lot when it was the Baggot Lounge previously.  "Pint and a platter?" used to be our code for will we go to the Baggot for a drink tonight...back in the day!
I also like the atmosphere in Xico.  At some point of the night it literally goes mental and turns into a nightclub with dancing on the tables. Well that's what I remember doing last time I was there. I joke and call it the "Titty Twister" from the movie "From Dusk til Dawn". 
Enid wasn't overly happy with the food.  Lol but sure she never is :-) She was complaining to Ciaran the next day.  He was like, well you were eating in a nightclub, what do you expect?!

We left way before the titty twister turned into vampirefest however.  None of us fancied a hangover the next day!  It was a great night as always with these pair early finish or not.

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