Wednesday 26 April 2017

Middle of Middle East trip

Typing to you live (well obviously not dead!) from Muscat, Oman.

This is my third time in the Middle East.  Hmm, when I see that typed in b&w that seems crazy - because being honest it would be far from my first choice for a holiday. Allow me to explain however. The first time I visited was 2/3 years when I was working on a project for a few weeks in Abu Dhabi (with some meetings/days in Dubai) so it wasn't actually a choice - or a holiday!  And then last year I went to visit my sister here - Muscat, Oman where she lives and works. On that trip I also took in a few days in Abu Dhabi and Dubai again (my other sister K was also with us and she had never been to those cities before).
And now! Here I am to visit my sister L again. 

I have a lot of holidays to take this year and I wanted to get some trips in my calendar. I also need to make sure I squeeze in holidays in between college etc - whenever I have a break from college I need to ensure I at a minimum, take some time off work, and ideally that I go away somewhere. So I had this week in April booked off since early January and then I just needed to decide where to go.  I was thinking of visiting a friend in San Francisco (which is one of my favourite cities in the whole world) but for a variety of reasons I will go there some other time.  And so (for a variety of reasons also, which I won't go into!) I decided I'd go visit L.  Then it turned out that Enid had some time to take also, plus she had never been out to see L so she decided to come too.

I like Muscat.  Out of the three places in the ME listed above it is far and beyond my favourite.  Abu Dhabi and Dubai are not my cup of tea at all.  If I was forced that I had no option and must go back then I'd take Abu Dhabi at a push, but Dubai I will never be in again.  Dead cert.

In fact I like Muscat a lot....


For part deux click here!

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