Sunday 9 April 2017


How adorable is this!
Enid and Ciaran were recently in Venice, and Enid brought me THIS back from the Peggy Guggenheim museum.
It even looks great when it's still in its packaging

Literally 5 seconds to assemble, pop it on a wine glass, and there you have it - a Mondrian art lamp!

The scale of it doesn't really work in my window sill where I thought I'd originally put it

So it is currently residing on the mantelpiece.  I still think it looks a bit lost.
And hey! Literally watch this space.  I am currently looking at an art piece to replace the print above my mantle.  I'm really not fond of the print that is currently there.  Sometimes I think it might be a Georgia O'Keeffe or Georgia O'Keeffe inspired maybe?  But in any case it's not my taste, I guess it is my landlords taste...  Anyway as I said WATCH THIS SPACE! Something exciting is coming!

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