Saturday 8 April 2017

The bicycle...a simple solution

I've been thinking for a while about getting a new bike.  My current bike is a mountain bike I've had about 7 years.  To be honest it was never great even from the start and it's pretty beat up now. 
I cycled around town and dropped into a few places.  One or two I've blogged about before as I've been in to get different things done to or bought for my bike, and today it was good to be just looking at the bikes.
One shop I was excited about going to was the Dutch Bike Shop.  Enid has a dutch bike which she's really happy with and I'm currently investigating if one is right for me.  At the end of the day the Dutch (amongst lots of other things) know their bikes!
Love this quote they have painted on their wall....
Two years ago when I came home from Key West (where we do A LOT of nice and easy biking) I swore I was going to cycle more.  Which I have.  There's nothing like it for your mind and body, and SOUL!  If there is something bothering me I find there's nothing like navigating around the Dublin traffic to take your mind off it.
Cool car parked outside.  The shame I've no clue what it is.  Why did I not look at it more carefully???

So this really caught my eye!  They didn't have the women's version for me to try so I took this one out.  I liked it a lot, it's nippy which I am used to currently and which you don't get with the traditional dutch bike style.  The only thing is that it wasn't the most comfortable ride.  The saddle in particular, plus no real suspension.

This however is the opposite.  Very very comfortable.  But a little unwieldy, and very heavy.
So I really am not clearer as to what I want, will have to do a bit more looking around.  Still good to have a good gander at the dutch bikes, and they're definitely not ruled out.


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