Tuesday 12 September 2017

A trip down memory lane...

A post from my facebook page on the 6th of September 2017


Heading away for a few days with Tarusha and Jackie (Ibiza baby!)
Brings to mind the last Spanish adventure some years back with Tara; we were 25 and were travelling around the South of Spain with two great French pals - the four of us squeezed into Bruno's teeny tiny car for a fortnight. It was an amazing trip filled with laughter, chats, beaches, mountains, city sightseeing, midnight dips in village fountains, rioja, fun, music, tapas and sangria.

 We also attended a friend...'s stunning wedding in a beautiful old farmhouse tucked in the base of a cliff - where we ate lobster, drank wine, smoked cigars and danced until dawn when we breakfasted on traditional wedding onion soup.

 If that wasn't enough, it memorably culminated with Tara and I having to make a mad dash from Madrid to Paris to catch 1c Ryanair flights home (yes 1c!). Amongst other looniness this mad dash involved an overnight train trip, dinner with a priest, a lot of vodka and beer, and the chef serenading Tara at 3 in the morning.
But I am sure this trip will just be a nice sedate few days on the beach, with a bit of craic in the evenings. Nothing crazy, no mad dashes, no wild stories. Completely sure of that. Wink.

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