Sunday 15 April 2018

Together for Yes, to repeal the 8th amendment

I have a small break from college classes at the moment so I am going to take advantage of it and get off the keyboard and out to have some real life conversations with people on the doorsteps of Dublin.
I contacted the Dublin Bay South chapter of Together for Yes and on Saturday I joined them for a canvass in the little cottages and redbricks of Harolds Cross

We knocked on the doors in parties of two...

Note the Repeal the 8th Maser Art sticker on this door.  No conversation was needed to see how the residents of this house are voting!
Overall we got a positive response, in summary
Mainly positive and firm Yes'
A lot of doors unopened/people not home however
Some non Irish people who said they are not eligible to vote - all noted support for repeal though
The odd couple of No voters
I hope to get out again very soon - all going to plan I will be able to join this coming Wednesday after work for a couple of hours.

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