Saturday 7 April 2018

Who moved my cheese?

After my lovely visit to the National Gallery I strolled up Naussau Street and popped into the Kilkenny Shop.
This adorable little thing from Newbridge Silver caught my eye!
It's a set of cheese picks made up of mice poking out of a silver cheese on a little wooden cheese plate.
It's the pure whimsy of it all that I love

Seriously how cute is the detail! 
And useful too!  Could be used for cheese or also for olives?  Actually, even cocktail sausages too!
And then, a complete spur of the moment decision...
...I went to Urchin for a little vodka and diet coke

And beautiful gambas a la plancha.
Urchin never fails with it's great quality little plates.  I recommend it heartily if you are looking for a light bite in a good location in Dublin city


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