Sunday 15 April 2018

Weekend round up

On Friday evening after work I did a small but much needed chore and replaced the battery on my mains powered smoke alarm,
The chirping had been annoying me for a few evenings but with my ceilings being so high it was not as easy as just standing on a chair as I have done previously.  Conveniently I spotted a step ladder down in the basement of my building so I borrowed it for 15 minutes to get this job done.
Saturday I was up nice and early and off on the canvass trail with the Dublin Bay South chapter of Together for Yes.  It was a positive canvass overall and you can read all about it here
Then it was on to the real weekend fun stuff!
Enid and I got the bus out to visit our best friend Alice.
And Baxter the dog.  How cute is this pupper?!
We had a lovely evening with plenty of great food, drink and chat.  Playing in the background on Spotify for the whole night was Abba! Yes the whole night.  Enid, Alice and I have been massive Abba fans since we our early teens and there is nothing like it for sparking some reminiscing :-)

These prawns in garlic, chili and coriander were divine!

And how good does this steak, avocado and mac and cheese look!  I tucked into the steak and avocado, and athough I would have loved to hoover down all that scrumptious mac and cheese I was very careful and just had a bite or two of it.  The thought of a bikini in two short weeks is keeping me on the straight and narrow!

We finished with a Key West delicacy of coconut (key) lime patties which were so good!
And of course that went delightfully with our Key West conversations.  Key West and our recent big trip was of course a central theme to the night!
Thanks for a great night Alice in your beautiful new house!

This morning I had a lovely relaxing time reading the Sunday paper with a coffee.
I know I say this a lot but it really was nice to be up and out,

Later that morning I popped into Dunnes in Stephen's Green to try on a skirt from the Savida range I had seen on a mannequin.  I really like it, and it is so comfortable that I am going to try wear it instead of jeans  - for a change - I tend to live in tight jeans and biker boots at weekends, I should mix it up more.

The only bad thing about this weekend was my attempt at coconut keto pancakes which simply didn't work.  And in fact set off the afore mentioned smoke alarm!!
Pity :(  I really wanted some pancakes.  And now I am literally CRAVING pancakes and Canadian maple syrup.  Ah well... Probably for the best...bikini Amy, bikini!!!

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