Monday 18 March 2019

Spa day (ish)

It's so important to take care of your feet!  Well that is what my twin sister Enid always says.  And this from a girl who has fantastic feet!  So funny, but considering we are identical twins there are some things that are different between us....feet being one of them...poor old Amy's feet are much more sensitive to the weather than Enid's.  In the Winter the cold weather makes my feet dreadfully dry, and then in Summer, guess what, the heat makes my feet dreadfully dry.

Enid is always advising me and buying me good products for them, and the dear girl even bought me the most amazing (lite rider) crocs flip flops as a gift before leaving Ireland.  And I am happy to report that my feet have been feeling in tip top shape while wearing those babies over the last few months.

But suddenly, over the last week they went kind of very dry and started to ache a little (dry and cracked heels are not fun I tell you!).  Eeek! So I figured I better do something to counter them getting any worse.

I spent a lovely afternoon today, on the sofa watching Dateline on tv with my little crubeens slathered in this fabulous cream and wrapped in my lovely cotton therapy socks. I am happy to report they feel (and look) better already! I will do this over the next few evenings and I will be set up again for the Key West sun and heat.

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