Sunday 17 March 2019

St Patrick's Day in Paradise

I had a wonderful day yesterday hosting a little get together celebrating St Patrick's day here in Key West.  I hope the photographs below capture the fun of the afternoon/evening.

Food! An important component of any party.  I don't want to show off but I was pretty happy with the cheeseboard/charcuterie I put together (top left pic).  We also served lots of chips and dips (guac, salsa, blue cheese).  And up in the pic up the right, top of the pic is my famous sweet chilli philli dip - let me know if you want details of it, it's seriously amazing.  Bottom right is the Guinness chocolate cake by the talented Ms Sheila Cullen.  Thanks Sheila!

Look at all that green! Seriously cool outfits and effort made by everyone

There's my work colleagues in the bottom right.  We all threw on a pair of sunglasses for fun for the pic :)

I've no photos of all the great beverages.  Mandy and Roberto bought a hot hot hot jalapeno margarita drink which everyone enjoyed.  Then we had the usual beer, wine etc.  And I made Falling Water cocktails - which is a zingy vodka, cucumber infused refresher.

I don't have a photo of the large pizzas either.  But as my sister Enid says, yeah Amy we know what pizza looks like.

Such a fun celebration. Thank you everyone who brought their fun self to celebrate a little bit of Irish life with me!

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