Monday 18 March 2019

St Patrick's day 2019

I've had some pretty good St Patrick's Day over the years! A particular highlight was last year when Enid and I cycled in the Dublin parade dressed as suffragettes to celebrate 100 years of the vote for Irish women.  If you do a search of my blog using the key word "Patrick" you will get a good flavor of my celebrations over the years.

Well, this year's Paddy's day will take some beating I think!  The bar has been set.

The fiesta started the night before with the gathering I hosted at my house - a pool party on the 16th of March.  I was so happy, it went really well - read all about it by clicking here. 
Although, apparently the party was a little disappointing because someone said they were hoping the pool would be dyed green like the river in Chicago. Ahahahahahahaha

Ok. So that someone may have been Dawn pictured here in her fab green dress! She is so funny.
This photo was from a music event (singer/guitarist) up on the roof of the Waterfront Brewery.  It was lovely and atmospheric, and compared to Duval (which albeit is fun!) it felt a little calmer and dare I say it more adult.

I had made the mistake of not eating before the Brewery drinks so when someone said they would treat me to a lobster roll well I was only delighted.  An amazing TREAT indeed!  Without a doubt DJ's clamshack on Duval do the best lobster rolls.  Look at those big chunks of lobster, in the tastiest sweet brioche bread.  It's expensive but worth every single penny/ends up good value because of the quality.

I'm only posting this because it's green.  This cheeky fecker is taking serious liberties with his lounging on MY lounger.  This greeted us when we got home after the lovely lobster roll lunch.  A dousing with the water hose sent this bold fella on his way.

Finally, at 6.30pm in the eve I cycled on my bike to a friend's house where they had a fabulous spread of tacos...corned beef tacos. They were good indeed! Very "different" and very nice!

Until next year all! Happy St Patrick's!

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