Monday 29 April 2019


I hadn't been at Trivia in Viva saloon for aaaaages. With my recent addiction to Jeopardy (a new find for me since moving to the USA) my thirst for trivia has grown so it was indeed time to get back to honing the old brain cells of a Thursday eve.

I joined a team that was coincidentally made up of a group of regulars who for one reason or another did not have people from their team there.

As you can imagine, with many trivia regulars on our team, we were strong competitors and in fact (spoiler!) we won the overall competition. It was however a real team effort and some of the questions were answered by collaborative effort/common consensus.

But! There were some questions that were answered by one person and one person alone.  Which got us to talking and thinking. What is the word for this?  What is the word that you can use to report how many questions you answered that no one else on your team knew "Yes, it was a good night, we won, and also I got 3 xxxxxxx's which I was delighted with"

My suggestion was that we needed a word like googlewhack. My definition of a googlewhack is when you enter something into google and it returns literally one search result only.  On further investigation today I find out it is broadly that...but with some rules and parameters etc.  Read more about it here.
Anyway long story short it appears that the word we may have invented to describe our trivia situation is TRIVIAWHACK! So if you and your trivia team start using this word you read it here first, it was coined by a group of trivia afficianados in the Southernmost city of the US, Key West Florida.

Oh! And for the record! I got ONE triviawhack that night.  I can't even remember the question now (ooops, come on brain!!!) but the answer I provided was Raleigh, Sir Walter Raleigh.

Thanks to Megan, Jeff. Robert, Jenni, Matt, Cliff, Debbie, Drew et al.  And the wonderful Chris as MC. Keep triviaing on!

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