Thursday 4 April 2019


A while back my cousin Kasey (waves to Cousin Kasey!) asked for a blog post on American kitchen utilities versus Irish utilities.  So here it is Kasey!

American utilities tend to be bigger (and better!) than ours back home. That is, except for my gocky cooker!!  Or "stove" as they call it over here.
Seriously! Would you look at it.  My mam, when she was visiting me in January, commented that she had the same one circa 1981.  Ugh. I never use it.  Thank God I have the option of barbecuing over here!

The microwave however is cool! As you can see it is nice and big - much bigger than Irish ones.  It is nice and strong too. What is cool also is that there is an extractor fan inbuilt underneath it.  So it very cleverly works as both.  How about that eh?!

I think you can see that the dishwasher is the similar to Irish ones.  Very slight differences in where you load cutlery and the washing cycles etc., but nothing major.

 The fridge! The fridge I like! So much bigger than Irish ones.  I placed the can of diet coke on the left of the photo for scale.

Hmmm.  I probably should have taken a photo of the inside of the fridge.  Guess what is in there?  Big American products lol.  The container of milk is gigantic compared to Irish milk.  Three or four times the size of Irish milk I would estimate.

What is also cool is the freezer (a) it fits loads and (b) inside the freezer is an ice maker.  How cool is that?

And then we come to the washing machine (top loader) and  front loading) dryer .  A dryer! The luxury of it all astounds me.

I know this sounds a bit mad (what with all the rain over in Ireland), but dryers are just not that common in Ireland.  And frankly they are very expensive to run/use a lot of electricity.  We mainly "line dry" in Ireland.

Washing machines are so much better over here.  Their cycles run in half the time, and the clothes come out twice as clean.  Go figure!  

So that is pretty much it!  I do hope you found this post somewhat interesting, comments or questions below are very much appreciated!

And in case you are wondering.  These are the brands of  my utilities
  • Stove - Summit
  • Microwave - General Electric
  • Dishwasher - Kenmore
  • Fridge - Kenmore
  • Washing Machine - General Electric
  • Dryer - General Electric
A regular reader of mine (in the USA - links in with me from twitter) gave feedback that a rental property in Key West is not neccessarily representative of the whole of USA/all utensils/  They are right. And maybe I should have made it clearer from the outset. I have seen much more cooler cookers/fridges/microwaves on my travels across the US through the years.  Being completely honest I actually am not really happy with the standard of mine in my rental.  I would much prefer more modern, sleeker, stainless steel etc.  But hey! I live in Paradise.  I can't complain.

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