Sunday 23 June 2019

Katie and Lydee are 30!

As of June 22nd 2019, I no longer have little (twin) sisters in their 20's.

I remember the day we brought them home from the hospital so well, and I remember this photo so well too.  It was a Sunday and we went for a drive and a picnic up the Wicklow mountains with mam and dad. 
Dad took this photo and I just love the Autumnal colours on us all.  I also love the way Katie's skirt is not perfect/is hitched up.  And of course I just looooove the 1991 jeans on Enid and I ahahahahahhaa.

So to celebrate Katie and Lydee's birthday we drank champagne and ate Spanish cheese and ham,
Ha! Ok that wasn't for Katie and Lyd.  But my God it was lovely!

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