Monday 24 June 2019

Sunday, (things) Doneday

Do you remember the times I could write in full sentences
Indeed, in paragraphs even. 
Sigh, good times... :)

Well, the fact of the matter is it is just so hot I have very little time in between dips in the pool to cool down, to get a blog down on paper.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Below is a summary of some of the things I got done yesterday.  Plus some photos to help you through..

First up was a lovely brunch which I blogged about yesterday. Lovely soft, moist, scrambled eggs and Irish cheese, with the most delicious grilled salmon fillet. 

After that nice food we hopped in the car and went off and bought something really exciting!

Snorkel gear!!

So the plan is to use this for snorkeling at the beach - rather than having to hire the gear at $30 a pop we now have our own!  Sure we're practically making money ;) 
...that's something very Irish (and silly) to say lol :)

When we came home we tried out the gear in the swimming pool.  The good news is that it is really really good stuff and works absolutely perfect.  The not so good news is one of us (winky face) needs a few more practice sessions in the pool before getting out in the ocean.  
Clue. It's NOT the person who may just have been a mermaid in HER past life :)

Wow!  How great do these steps/decking look after a freshening up of paint?!
Have I mentioned we are hosting a Canada Day pool party in a week?! We are in preparation mode (food and drink planning) and getting the garden and pool looking good for this.

For dinner we went to Pincher's crab shack.  Not somewhere I'd necessarily choose outright, but I had a gift certificate for it so off we went.  It was very enjoyable in the end...two for one drinks yay, above pictured is the appetizer of cheese and lobster dip, and then lovely crab cakes for the main.  I do love crab cakes it must be said.

And then! At home that evening we finished with a slice of Key Lime pie!!! 

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