Sunday 23 June 2019

Pretty perfect day it has to be said...

Yesterday was a pretty good day/evening...

It started when Patrick met me after my work and we split a burger (because we're wild) and had a glass of wine (me) and a beer (him) in The Saint.  The Saint make unbelievable burgers.  I will literally never barbecue burgers at home when you can get an incredible one for just $10 at Happy Hour (4.17pm - 7.14pm every day)

From there we moved to my favourite neighbourhood dive bar Mary Ellen's 

Where we split (because we're wild) an amazing toasted cheese sandwich (3 cheeses, texas toast)

Then! Later that night I met up with Marta (from work) at a comedy club where we supported Paul (also from my work) - he was taking part in a charity Blind Date comedy type of thing.  It, and all the other comedy acts were utterly hilarious.  I am embarrassed to say this was my first time a comedy club...but it will not be my last!

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