Monday 16 September 2019

Grocery Shopping

Hey guys, who wants to read a blog post about the mundanities of life such as grocery shopping?!
You got it! Coming right up!

Amongst $150 worth of grocery shopping (ok so there was a small element of beer in there also!)  were the following:

This will come as a surprise to some of you.  I eat (some) green stuff now.  Plus how cute are those tiny little tomatoes!

Kerrygold butter was on special at 2 for $6.  Plus Irish cheese 2 for $8. 
The Barry's tea is from Amazon, and no of course I don't drink it, as a proud Dublin woman it is Lyon's all the way. (If I even drank tea that is!)

I was looking at the cheese and was like, am I going mad, or at home is it just "Dubliner" cheese?? i.e. no mention of the "Kerrygold".  I was relieved when I posted it on facebook and one of my friends said the same thing.  It must be an export/marketing thing and leveraging off the Kerrygold name which is so known over here.  Everyone loooooves Irish (or grassfed) butter!

I did a bit of a google hunt this morning and found this:

And also found this, THIS is what I am used to at home:
Sigh...I felt a little twinge of homesickness seeing it.

How and ever, I've never noticed the Carbery name before!
More google hunting threw up  this information all about Dubliner cheese, which shock horror is made in Cork!!!

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