Monday 2 September 2019

Voluminous Butterfly by L'Oreal

Have I ever mentioned that I have very thin hair?!  Like not just the hair on my head lol ;)
 With this thin hair comes both positives and negatives.

The good:
- The hairs on my legs are very light and fair.  It takes very little effort and maintenance to keep my legs fuzz free.  A quick whip around of a razor when needed and I am done.
(Hey! If you want to know my shaving hack click here!)
- Hair styling; the simple answer is that I don't do much. Plus it dries so quickly. I don't use a hair dryer or anything. The following is my routine (both now in Key West, and in my past life in Dublin). Wash and condition my hair, wrap it up in a towel while I put on my makeup.  Then brush it straight and jump on the bike for my cycle to work.  Once I get into work it is dry from the cycle.  Give it another brush, and I'm done

The bad:
- I have horrendous eyebrows - they are fair in colour and sparse in quantity.  Two years ago or so, my friend from San Francisco sent me an honest and direct email to say that I needed to get my eyebrows tinted/dyed, and it needed to be done regularly.  I thank her every day! :)
-I have horrendous eyelashes.  Fair, sparse and thin.  

The solution:
On the subject of my horrendous eyelashes, if you too suffer from this affliction, please find below my mascara recommendation.

THIS is amazing.  Do not use anything else

Like this.  
Yes it's 4 dollars cheaper.  
Yes the packaging screams at you that it will do the job for you (spoiler, it won't)

It's even curved.  And has what looks like good bristles.  It's a dark colour and the texture of the mascara seems good.  It just doesn't work. Simple as. 

Where as THIS!
Well first of all, let's just look at it, and admire it.
It's a mascara made for Daisy Buchanan!

So the moneymaker for my scanty little lashes are these little rubber bristles at 90 degree intervals all around the wand, separating and lifting those pathetic little strands.  The consistency of the liquid, both coats and conditions the eyelashes perfectly. My eyes simply look better when I use this mascara.

Finally let's talk about price.  This mascara costs me about $10 depending on where I buy it.  I've bought it for as cheap as $8.99 in a Jewel-Osco in Chicago, and for $10.99 in CVS on Duval Street.
At home in Ireland it costs about $15.

What is your favourite mascara?

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