Monday 9 September 2019

Tourist Trail - Shipwrecker's Museum and Hemingway House

We've been doing a few little touristy things lately which has been a nice change of pace.

Shipwrecker's Museum
First up we visited the Shipwrecker's Museum and Watchtower.  The museum is located in an old warehouse used for storing wreck salvage by Numero Uno shipwrecker in town, one Mr Asa Tift.  (Which in a strange twist/coincidence was the owner of the (now known as) Hemingway House prior to Ernest and Pauline (Pfeiffer) Hemingway purchasing and move in circa 1931).

The museum is a pretty good telling of the 400 years of salvage history and the impact that had on the development of Key West. It works well for both children and adults which is always a positive!  Nothing worse than going to a museum which is All About the Kids.  And equally, nothing worse than poor bored children being dragged around an establishment that has nothing for them. Finally to cap it all off, the watchman tower has some excellent views of the island.

Hemingway House
Hey, my Key West folks, did you know that locals get free entry into the museuem?  Well now you do.

I've been to the Hemingway House a number of times and I just love it.  I love the house from a structural/architectural perspective.  I love the interior decor of the 1930's with Spanish influences chosen by the man himself. And I love the stories of Hemingway in Key West - writing, drinking, carousing, fishing and LIVING.

And of course I love the literary history.  To think that he wrote some of his wonderful works right here on this island is simply spectacular.  Amongst the KW works are "A Farewell to Arms", "Death in the Afternoon" and "To Have and Have Not". As part of your visit you can go see his writing studio and his typewriter. 
(Hey! That brings to mind my trip to Atlanta where I saw Margaret Mitchell's typewriter)

Two good spots in Key West if you are here for a quick vacation.  
More to come!

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