Monday 15 June 2020

Sunday June 14 2020, a record of it

Oh God I just detest when I don't blog for a few days and suddenly I have a whole week to catch up on <<< insert applicable emoji here.

So prepare yourself for an onslaught of short posts capturing what has been going on.

Yesterday (Sunday):
- Got up and cycled over to the yacht club, went for a monster morning fishing session from 8am to Noon.  Although it was long it was lovely - just chilled out.  
- Had lunch of a Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich.  I know it's fast food.  I know it's a chain.  I'm sorry! They are damn good and that is that.
- Jumped in the pool a couple of times
- Had a small cat nap
- 4pm cycled back to the yacht club.  We headed out to Hurricane Hole but there was no space for us to tie up the boat so we ended up at Stock Rock cafĂ© which was a million times better.  Helloooo! It's a tiki bar!

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