Sunday 7 June 2020

Sunday Funday

I didn't have a great night's sleep last night.  Probably due to the combination of a late dinner, a large pour wine and after dinner drinks of vodka.  Oh well c'est la vie.

But other than that I had a great day!

We headed over to the yacht club to check on the boat.  There was a small craft advisory (one down from a warning) in place, so we wanted to be careful and planned on not going out.  Instead we took it for a small little spin around the yacht club and around Garrison bight beside us - essentially right beside the shore versus going out on the ocean a mile or so.

Afterwards I hopped in the shower, and then on to my bike, and cycled to meet with friends in Moondog Cafe for brunch.  Whoa it was humid on the bike ride, but was fine when we were seated eating - even though it was outdoors.  I got the seafood omelette - shrimp, scallops, crab, tomato and a creamy pesto sauce.  Very tasty. Served with whole wheat toast, I was stuffed full for the whole afternoon. I chose well and I was happy! 

Oh! Did I mention there may have been prosecco and sangria imbibed also?

Afterwards, we had planned to go to the beach so I cycled to Fort Zach and met the gals there in their car.  We were disappointed to see it was closed.  I guess they had reached their capacity, so while disappointing, it is good to see guidelines being followed.

I came home and relaxed for the afternoon and then this evening Patrick and I went for our happy hour in our happy place Half Shell Raw bar.  We changed from our usual order of steamed clams to oysters and in this weather they were cool and refreshing.  And of course smooth and delicious.

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