Sunday 27 June 2021

Oz - houseguest

 We had a little houseguest staying with us for a few days.  After an initial shitshow of a couple of hours he settled in and was a little darling for the whole stay.

He has had an "unsettled" past life and can be anxious and needy and I think that is why he enjoyed his little vacation with us - no other dogs, no children, just two adults who gave him all the attention that he needs. 

He LOVED going for walks with Patrick.  Couldn't get out the door quick enough and then enthusiastically ran along beside him - his little legs going like the clappers to keep up with Patrick's strides.  And he equally LOVED car rides! He stood up on my lap and stuck his head out the window, with a big smile on his face, enjoying the air.  And then turning and giving out to Patrick when he was stopped at traffic lights lol! "Yeah, I know buddy, but it's a red light, I have to stop".

He was a fantastic little eater. And sleeping....the one we were worried about.  We had him in another room in his crate and he was barking and crying so eventually we brought him into our room, still in the crate, and put him beside the bed.  Three nights in a row he slept solidly like this so look, it wasn't the worst thing in the world, even though we definitely had not planned on doing this.

He is back with his foster mom right now and hopefully his real mom will be in better shape to have him back soon.  He sure is quite the little character and I hope he gets the home he deserves soon.

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