Monday 14 June 2021

Pain in my neck (literal)

Three weekends ago I woke up with a slight crick in my neck/pain in my neck and shoulder. The next day the pain was so bad that I couldn't lift my arms above my head to get dressed and I was in extreme pain getting in and out of bed (i.e. sitting up or turning on my side to sit up).

Since then, while it did improve of course, I still have pain.  To date I've gone for a massage and gone to the *chiropractor. I've been swimming in the pool daily.  But it is still not gone!  Every evening before bed is the worst, and I take two ibuprofen in order to sleep. 

Am coming to my wit's end about it.  But I am also trying to stay hopeful and think positive.  Maybe it just needs time.  I've read online that neck/shoulder pain should not last more than month (it is a real problem if it does!), so fingers crossed!!

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