Saturday 10 December 2022

Grill repair

 Firstly, please excuse the quality of my photographs lately.  My phone jumped out of my purse while I was cycling along White Street. And if that wasn't bad enough, I promptly ran over it. It all happened very quickly 😞 The only damage was to the camera; the lens got a little cracked and is letting in too much light now. Ugh

Another ugh is that our barbecue stopped working during the week. We bought a fancy Weber a few years ago, which we really love, so it was a tad worrisome. Plus, Patrick's family are here this month so really need a functioning grill!

Patrick's first thought that it was a dodgy propane tank so this morning he got a new one. Nada.  I took a look. I figured that we knew the propane was good. And the sparking mechanism was working fine.  So I figured it must be something between those two things: it had to be the gas line. I noticed that in one place; where it had been screwed to the grill, it appeared to be pinched. So after unscrewing it and adding a few cable ties to reshape it in to a proper tube we tried the cooker again. Et voila! Success

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