Monday 5 December 2022

Support small businesses / Project Tom McCabe

 One thing that I am doing lately, and something that I will incorporate into my New Years Resolutions for 2023, is to try avoid buying new where I can buy second hand.  In particular, I am thinking of my beloved Lilly Pulitzer.  It is ridiculously expensive and guess what, the last two dresses I have found on facebook marketplace for a fraction of the cost.  And I am reusing something that someone else is finished with and avoiding it being thrown out into landfill etc.  So much better for my pocket book and for the environment win, win, WIN.

I am also trying to buy local and/or support small businesses. To that point I want to recommend these AMaaaaaAAAZING earrings from Taryn McCabe in San Francisco. I fell in love with these stunning "shoulder duster" leather cascade earrings.  What you cannot see from pics online is a how lusciously glossy, shiny they are.  Just beautiful.

And because it was cyber Monday, there was a special, and I also got these in GOLD.  Again, so shiny.  I would never have thought that leather could look so glitzy.  I think I shall wear them to my holiday party. 


Would you have ever thought that leather would make good earrings?  Well it does!  Lightweight.  Very wearable. And so eyecatching.  Extremely unique.  

These would make a great Christmas gift for someone who likes hand crafted, "something different" and quality at the same time.

Her Etsy shop is HERE

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