Monday 20 March 2023

Sister Season Fund Casino Night 2023

The Sister Season casino night is always a good evening.  It was held in the Marriott Beachside Resort, in their big function room.  Dinner was chicken caesar salad, prime rib with a cool little MASH POTATO bar with a variety of toppings and gravy.  Food was really good this year I have to say.

The gaming is managed by a company who come down from Miami.  The majority of their croupiers spent years working on cruise ships so they know what they are doing - and are helpful to novices like me lol.  There is also a Silent Auction and a Big Draw.

And there is a photo booth!  Which the photo above is from.  Funny story about my hair... It is a  miracle it looks anyway normal in the pics.  Patrick drove to the event....and it was a very breezy evening...and our jeep has no doors or as you can imagine that is a bit of a recipe for some crazy hair - even on a regular day I always tie my hair up in a tight bun.

To avoid arriving at the event looking like Bridget Jones I wrapped a blouse around my hair and tied it under my chin like a head scarf in 1970s Ireland.  It looked ridiculous during the drive but hey, my hair style survived!

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