Monday 13 March 2023

Little catch up with photos

Lovely Saturday light dinner/quick happy hour in Half Shell Raw Bar.  You simply can't beat Half Shell for their tasty appetizers, good value hh drinks and that water front ambiance.

We got out on the boat twice this weekend.   Checked the crab traps and harvested 4 medium size claws.  The season is slowing it always does around this time of the year.  Feels like we might only have two more rounds of crab traps left.  On Sunday morning we went fishing and Patrick caught this beauty of a Spanish Mackerel.  I caught a nice size porgy.  And that was that.  It was a fun morning out all the same - our neighbours pulled up beside us in their boat and fished alongside which was a bit of craic!  Patrick was working hard all afternoon then, so I am glad we got up and out so early (8am - 7am old time - daylight savings kicked in etc etc!)

The cat is still a little molly.  Seriously.  Have you ever seen anything like this??!!!

The Saint is getting ready for St Patrick's Day! I ordered this big backdrop for people to take photos/selfies in front of and it arrived much bigger than I remembered ordering 🤣🤣


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