Monday 6 March 2023

NEW! Extended Pigsy Collection in Effusion Gallery, Key West

To top off a super Key West weekend of fishing, crab traps and great eating, I stopped by Effusion Gallery on world famous Duval Street to view the new art from Irish artist Pigsy in their collection.

Each piece thoughtful and inspiring


Feel really lucky that I can see Pigsy here in Key West.  What originally was a collection of 9 (5 sold) is now a beautifully curated assemblage of 8 new pieces.  No doubt these will sell fast, so if you want to see some beautiful Irish art, my advice is get in fast!  And ENJOY!

Oh! And if you are in Dublin, Ireland why not catch his latest exhibition!
"Lost in Thought" will be exhibited in Ranelagh in April 2023.

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