Monday 18 September 2023

Weekend Eats

 While I try and keep my carbohydrate intake low, if I am going to throw caution to the wind, it is going to be the weekend...

Patrick and I had a lovely date Saturday early evening at Martin's - we shared tapas of shrimp on skewers, tuna takaki, lobster bisque and this beautiful pate country plate.  We both ordered a house wine - Patrick's Pinot Noir was nice but my Cabernet Sauvignon was just so so, I should have gone for the Merlot I think...

On Sunday I took myself and my Chiguana shirt out for a margarita mmmm!

And, ALL the carbs. Eeek.  Pretzel bites with a beer cheese dip.  Brisket mac and cheese to finish me off.

Nope.  I wasn't quite finished.  I came home and had a little slice of Key Lime Pie.

Funny story.  So they come with the little white chocolate disc shaped like a lime.  And for the past 4 years I have been taking off the pie immediately and eating it.  Last week I owned up to Patrick about this and he was just shocked with me.  He thought it was just a decoration/inedible.  Lol.  He said he was mad with me but he was just teasing - he doesn't like white chocolate anyway.

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