Monday 18 September 2023

Cole's Peace / The Restaurant Store is closing

Sometimes on a Monday, because I don't work on this day, I will go pick up something nice for Patrick and I for lunch together.  On other Monday's I get myself sushi from Fausto's and he looks after himself (generally a sandwich from Miami Grill).  Over the weekend I mentioned to him that we really should get back to Cole's Peace before it closed for good and that maybe I would get us the nice fancy sandwich we like from there.

While there I snapped a few photos for posterity.  The b&w photos and newspaper articles were pinned to the wall for as long as I remember.  It seems that before Cole's and The Restaurant Store was in this building it was a car dealershop in the 50's and 60's.

I also bought Patrick some wholegrain bread which he loves.  He is going to store it in the freezer and eat it a slice or two at a time over the next while.

Peace out to a great bakery and sandwich cafe.  We will miss you, Cole's Peace!

Photo taken September 18 2023


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