Sunday 14 January 2024

Work out wear

The peloton journey continues! We have it about two weeks or so and every day either one or both of us have used it for a class.  I searched "Elvis" yesterday and had a great class to the music of the King.  Patrick did a U2 one.  Dare I say it, this is kind of fun exercise??

I decided to take myself off to TJ Maxx to buy some new workout wear.  This was not on a whim, I literally need new stuff.  Have I mentioned before that "everything breaks in Key West", well the elastic in my gym gear (admittedly 5 year old stuff brought over from Ireland) is all completely gone. Gone, along with my modesty while spinning with my leggings falling down off of me.

I bought three sets all the same brand - New Balance.  $60 in total.  Pretty good I think you will agree.


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