Sunday 28 February 2016

Twin testing

Do you remember sometime back that Enid and I took part in a twin study in UCD?
As part of the study they collected a saliva sample from us both. This sample was used for zygosity testing, to confirm if we are identical or non-identical twins. The sample was sent to EasyDNA, which is an ISO17025 and AABB accredited laboratory.
Based on the EasyDNA analysis, it was confirmed that Enid and I are identical twins. The percent probability of monozygosity is 99.9999997%.
            Below is the official sibling zygosity determination results from EasyDNA.
Below is one of my favourite photos of Enid and I from our childhood. I remember well the day this was taken.  We were over in my mam and dads friends house and this was in their back garden, we are sitting on an old abandoned morris minor car seat.  I remember how uncomfortable it was for us both to fit on it for the photo. 
I think that is me on the left and Enid on the right but I cannot be 100% certain  - maybe 99.9% :-)
Going by this photo it's not really a surprise is it that we are identical twins eh?! :-)

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