Sunday 7 February 2016

Now that's customer service!

 I met with Enid today for a potter around town.  We were both a bit hungry and she suggested we get something from the deli counter in Dunnes Stephens Green as they also have a new little sitting area where we could sit and eat.  This suited me fine because I had scooted through Dunnes Stores during the week and had seen their (impressive!) revamp and wanted to have a good look around at it - at the Paul Costelloe stuff in particular.
So we went downstairs to the food supermarket which has been revamped as well - it now has a feel of an upmarket New York grocery store/deli.  I really like it.
This is the greengrocer section.
And in the background is the fishmonger and the cheesemonger (Sheridans).
Here's a picture of Enid in the "scene of the crime" where yours truly had an accident and where some staff of Dunnes truly excelled themselves.
We were enjoying our little deli lunch when I knocked over my drink and liquid went flying everywhere *embarrassed face*.  Suddenly out of nowhere there were two if not three staff (lead by one particularly great man) reassuring me they'd look after it.  My drink was replaced as if by magic, the mess was quickly and efficiently cleaned away.  And while I was embarrassed when it happened it was dealt with so quickly and efficiently and NICELY I felt a lot better about the whole situation. Enid and I both commented that we felt the staff went "above and beyond". 
Well done!  And THANK YOU!
On the way out we spotted these birthday cakes - ranging from €13 to €16.  They are decorated fabulously and they are really substantial - they are a "tall" style of cakes (3 layers??) which you don't see often in Ireland.  They reminded me of the cakes you see in American supermarkets (which I obviously love!)
So there you have it, a great shop newly done up, with beautiful cakes and great service!  What's there not to like?!

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