Saturday 2 April 2016


 I didn't have a great nights sleep and was awake early this morning.  I was mooching around the house not doing much when I decided I should make the most of being awake (although feeling tired).  So I made myself a massive cup of strong coffee (in a big American size mug that I bought in Key West a few years ago) and got into some cleaning.
My plan was to be ruthless in my declutter but I do find it hard - sometimes you find things and although you know you will never wear it or use it again it's still just so hard to throw out.
Like this bracelet/wrist strap for example.  I bought this about 15 years ago when my friend and I were travelling around southern Spain.  It just brings back so many memories for me.  Plus it cost a lot back then (as is usual when you're in your 20's I was on a tight budget that holiday).  It's quite hickey looking at it now, but back then I thought it was fabulous - and it is made out of lovely materials; silk ribbon and then lined on the other side with pink suede.
Anyway I hit on the brainwave of taking a photo of anything I didn't want to throw out/donate to charity.  So this wristlet is now gone from my life but I have this photo and the memories for ever.
So 90's lol! :-)
I also got rid of a pair of shorts from 1998 when I lifeguarded for the summer in Florida.  It feels good to get them gone and no longer hoard.
My "walk in wardrobe" is looking so much better after the clean and declutter!  I have put inverted commas around "walk in wardrobe" because it is a work in progress.  Some day I will spend money on this little room and get it properly boxed out as a proper walk in wardrobe but for the moment this will have to do.
Look!  Floor space!  Hooray :-) 

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