Sunday 17 April 2016

Lilly Pulitzer in Ireland

This morning Enid and I went to see (and Enid bought) a Lilly Pulitzer dress which I had seen on one of those local facebook Buy and Sell pages.  It was really good condition and priced at €20 so it was a great bargain - Lilly shifts are approx. $150-200.  And as you can see it looks totally cute on Enid!

I've never seen Lilly's (as they are known) here in Ireland.  The one Enid bought was brought back from Australia by the seller.  This is my one above which I bought in Key West.

It is actually a little big for me so Enid did a job on it and altered it to fit.  So now we are set for Key West with our two Lilly resortwear dresses :-)

Afterwards we went to Starbucks for hot chocolates, it is very cold in Dublin at the moment.

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