Sunday 3 April 2016

Recommendation "Simply Better" Dry Cured Smoked Irish Streaky Rashers

 Enid and I have been having a debate for the last week about what is the best streaky rasher (yes that is the minutiae of Enid and I's conversations!). 

Enid is convinced it is O'Neill's and up until today I would have agreed.  That is until I tried these little bad boys!

Look how thick they are

They didn't shrink much in the cooking process at all

A great flavour and texture.  I thoroughly recommend these - available in Dunnes as part of their Simply Better range.  Price €2.99 


  1. M&S ones! Very thin though.

  2. Do these ones have added water?

    1. I don't know. I suspect not, because they did not shrink much or expel much water during the cooking process

    2. Generally says it on the packet (like O'Neills!) if no water is added