Sunday 10 April 2016


 I have been tagged on a video in facebook and I thought it might be funny to share over here. 
It's hard to believe that this video is from over a quarter of a century ago!!

Back in the day (in the 80's) our parish used to be big into amateur dramatics/variety shows. 
Pride of the Parish was a competition where the parish was divided into four areas (The Glens, The Down Town Navan Roaders, Kinvara and Villa Park) and each group produced a play or variety show.  Over the course of a month, each group performed their show over one weekend - so for example on week 1 The Glens would perform on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Then on week 2 Kinvara would do their show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And so on. 

And then on the final Sunday night the judging committee would announce who the winner was i.e. who was "Pride of the Parish"

My sister and I are in this video (age 9/10) and appear at 1.25 on the left of the stage. We seem to be the biggest/oldest girls out of this group and I have no idea why this is.  Possibly we arrived late one day and were just grouped in with this ballerina group - rather than other girls of our age who we were in school with who appear as Rag Dolls at 4.40.  Or maybe because poor Enid and I were not blessed with any dancing and music talent we were made go in with the babies.  Lol!

Enid is in the green, and I am in the peach costume.  I do remember absolutely loving my dress with it's tulle skirt and you can see how I am holding it proudly (probably thinking I look like a real ballerina).

I am delighted that someone took a video of the show, and that they still had it all these years later.  If you like this sort of thing you can go on to Youtube and you can see some more videos of the show with the adults from the parish doing their thing.

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