Wednesday 20 April 2016

Roller Derby

A couple of months ago after seeing some Roller Derby on tv I said to Enid we should do it if we could find somewhere in Dublin. She thought that was a super idea! So I started investigating on facebook and found a club who were due to start their "fresh meat" course soon.  As it happened that has not been scheduled as of yet but I found another club who were holding an open evening yesterday.
Boomtown Rollers are based in Spin Roller Skating on the Long Mile Road

We were able to hire all the gear for €5.  Hello what can you get for a fiver these days??!!!!! Plus how cute are these white skates I got to use!

Here we are all ready for action!

Can I just explain this outfit and say it was not planned...I should have got my gear out the night before but instead just grabbed it that morning.  And I couldn't find any of my cut offs/3/4 length leggings.  These are shorts I normally wear for bikram yoga and I hadn't realised how short they were for roller skating!  Everyone else was wearing leggings like Enid, which is what I shall be wearing next week!

More important than what I was wearing, was how good it was. 
We loved it. 
I was so happy I could actually still skate.  The last time I was on a pair of roller skates was over a quarter of a century ago when I was ten years of age!  The Boomtown Rollers were all so nice and were great at giving instruction.  We had an absolute ball skating around (derby direction!) and practicing stopping (falling is a valid stop apparently!) and other skills. 
At the end of the session we were given a demo of Roller Derby.  Whoa it is brutal!  I cannot wait to have enough skill on the skates take part in it proper!

So, dear reader, any suggestion for my roller derby name?!!!!  Answers on a postcard please!

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