Monday 8 August 2016

The grandfather files

Another post about my Granda's diary of 1956!

I went through the diary and have picked out posts related to an accident that my mother (aged 5) had.  There are some other things going on at the same time - some sad things: my Nana's father died, but I have focussed on my mam at this time.

Sunday April 15
Poor little Enid chopped top nearly off finger (bone and all) with door at her Granny's. Got three stitches, has to go for five penicillin injections.
Monday April 16
Brought Enid at 7.30 for her needle. She's a great girl. Letter from Mother coming on Thursday

Tuesday 17 April
Day's Leave.
Brought Moe* for needle. Told to bring her in evening in future
*Moe was a nickname for my Mam.
Enid = Enie = Eeny Meeny Miny Mo!

Thursday 19 April
Mother didn't come, has cold. Took leave.  Moe had X Ray, needle and examination of finger. Think it will be O.K.

Tuesday 24 April
Bridie minded house while Anne brought Enid to hospital. Stitches taken out. Mother arrived unexpectedly.

Tuesday 1 May
Bride brought Enid to hospital. Must have more penicillin.
Wednesday 2 May
Brought Moe early morn to Bridie for injection. Collected her at night. Painted dustbin.

Thursday 3 May
Brought Enid to Bridie. Bought Anne's birthday book. Did some gardening.

 Tuesday 22 May
Bridie brought Enid to hospital. She was discharged but Doc would like to see her next week.
And that's it!  No further entries in the diary about the finger accident....but to wrap up the it is!

60 years later!
My mothers finger with the scar from the stitches - all from the time she had "chopped top nearly off finger (bone and all)"

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