Saturday 13 August 2016

Competition - what I'd give for this AMAZING prize

For a few years now I have been part of a wonderful group of mid century modern enthusiasts on facebook.  I absolutely adore mid century modern design, d├ęcor, atmosphere and vibe and I love looking at the beautiful pictures of that time that people share.  I swear I should have been in my thirties in the 50's/60's rather than now - I can see myself now throwing atomic cocktail parties every weekend :-)

If this is your thing, I'd recommend you check out the fb page.  It is run (administered/moderated) by a really cool guy from Canada (DC Hilier) who also runs which is an excellent online magazine all about MCM. 

Competition!!!!  I urge you to enter.  LOOK AT THAT PRIZE!!!!

In order to to take MCM Daily to the next step with more media based content like video interviews and podcasts talking about design, collecting and chatting with people in the business, this MCM maestro's goal is to turn MCM Daily into a full time venture.

To do that he is going to need funding....and this is where you get the opportunity to be part of this venture....and be in with the chance of winning this Amazing Prize:

By taking part in this unique crowdfunding venture (for as little as $5 Canadian dollars - or hey €10 Canadian dollars is just €6.97 euro) you  get a chance to win a swanky 1966 fully restored, Clairtone Project G2 stereo which has a current market value of over $25,000 USD!

I've just backed it today! 

Who else is in?!
Click here to read more/back this project

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