Sunday 28 August 2016

New bike accessories (some vital!)

I have been putting off getting new brakes on my bike for way too long.  Going down a hill last Tuesday sent me the message loud and clear they needed to be done.  And fast. 
After work I went to a great shop in D2 where they were done in 10 minutes while I waited for the princely sum of €28.  While there I enquired about getting a back carrier installed (for panniers for my bike) and was quoted €40.

Then, yesterday, at a market beside Portobello lock I spoke with a bike repair clinic who had a stall there.  I was quoted €25 for the back carrier.  So there and then I got it installed - again another 10 minute job while I waited.
Obviously a big price difference (good for me) but I guess they both have very different models.  Those big premises (which were lovely to look around) and all that stock doesn't pay for itself.  And the convenience of nipping in after work and getting it done straight away is worth a premium too...?

Here she is!
New brakes and new back carrier.  I will get the panniers from Mam's house and she will be all set! 
The panniers will make a big difference when buying groceries or going to the gym,,,that basket up front is good for nothing - except maybe handbag,

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