Saturday 27 July 2019

Back pain in Paradise

I woke up Thursday with an awful pain in my lower back which got worse throughout the day.  Thursday night was even worse, I couldn't sleep with the pain and spent the night doing a combination of pacing the floor or shifting in the bed with pillows and cushions under my knees and back etc.

I jumped in the pool before work and that seemed to loosen things up a bit - I swam some lengths of front crawl with my mask and snorkel so as to be extra efficient! Lol. And I then headed off for work stopping at CVS on the way.

In CVS, I bought these heat wraps and some acetaminophen painkillers and am happy to report that they made an immediate impact.

I used the heat wraps all day yesterday and then last night and thanks be to the Universe I slept the night through pain free. Today I haven't used any further wraps and have had just one tablet so far.  I am hopeful that another good night tonight and that is it over with.

So strange though, came out of the blue.  I am hoping that it was just down to something small/silly like sleeping in the wrong position or something.  Am also hoping it is not a sign of age and this is it going forward ugh!! To be honest it is probably due to me not stretching enough, and sitting too much.  I sure do miss my bikram yoga sometimes.

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